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Lori and Diane met in the 1990's as fellow advocates, activists, and agitators during the heyday of the Tobacco Wars in Massachusetts. Their friendship and complementary work styles serve their clients well, bringing a valuable mix of creativity, insight, discipline, and good humor to the task at hand. They have nurtured the Power Prism framework, training hundreds of people nationwide (and a few in Canada), and enlisting talented trainers and writers to expand their reach.

Lori Fresina has been with M+R since 2006 as Senior Vice President and Director of the New England office. With nearly 20 years in public health advocacy, and expertise in grassroots mobilization, coalition building, and engaging nonprofits and volunteers in political strategies to advance public health. Lori counts training and advocacy coaching among the favorite parts of her job and loves working with clients to find practical solutions to complex problems. In 2001, Lori co-created the Power Prism with friend and colleague, Judy Meredith, and has used it extensively in her work with local, state and national organizations and admits that, informally, the Power Prism influences the way she looks at just about everything! Lori worked for the American Cancer Society's New England Division for nearly nine years and then for the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids for five years where she was an M+R client before joining the firm.


Diane Pickles joined M+R in 2007 as Vice President in the New England Office after nearly 20 years of work in public health advocacy, including a decade in tobacco control policy advocacy. For 5 years, Diane was the Executive Director of Tobacco Free Mass, a statewide tobacco policy advocacy coalition, where she spearheaded a successful campaign to pass the nation's 6th smoke-free workplace law in 2004. Diane works with a wide array of clients, both nationally and within New England, helping them apply the Power Prism framework to build, strengthen and enhance all aspects of advocacy campaigns. By far, her greatest passion is working one-on-one with clients to customize technical assistance, coaching, and strategic planning services specifically to their organizational needs, assets, and challenges, recognizing that one size hardly ever fits all.


Rachel Busby officially joined M+R in 2012 as a Consultant after working with the New England office for several years as an independent contractor. Prior to M+R, Rachel worked in the private sector in marketing and PR for several years, transitioning to not-for-profit work after completing her master degree in Public Health in 2006. She is skilled in research and writing for advocacy campaigns, such as educational materials for internal audiences, as well as campaign materials for decision-makers and other external audiences.


Susan Morin, Associate, joined M+R in March 2013, bringing with her extensive experience in customer service and business management. Susan provides support services to the M+R team and clients in scheduling, communications, project management, research, good humor, and more. Susan has a Bachelor's Degree from Loyola University.

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