Media Advocacy

Media Advocacy

As part of an advocacy campaign, it is important to use media that key decision-makers pay attention to in order to influence them to support your issue. This means framing your issue in a way that makes it newsworthy or relevant, showing how your issue affects real people, or showcasing momentum or support for your issue. To be effective, this must be done in the media outlet that is most important to your key decision-makers!

Some advocates worry that their campaign budget has no room for media advocacy; but good letters to the editor, op-eds and editorials require minimal resources and can have a big influence on key decision-makers. No matter your budget, it is important to have a media advocacy strategy to move your campaign forward! Even if your campaign is deliberately avoiding media attention, having a defensive media strategy prepared will help you manage effectively if your work is noted by the press.

While social media tools are gaining momentum in advocacy work, it is important to be strategic around their use. A social media presence is time-consuming to manage well, and if decision-makers are not using the same social media or paying attention to it, it isn't worth it. Ask yourself: "Is social media the right tool for this issue at this time?" Use of social media should be evaluated along with other forms of media when determining what key decision-makers watch, listen to, or read.



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